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Software solutions development

One of the main activities of AxaSoft Consulting is to develop turnkey software solutions or on-demand. We try that by offered software solutions, to cover all needs of our customers and also to deliver applications that allows easy adaptation to changes in various fields in which they activate.

We offer full services in all phases of project execution:

  • Identification and modeling requirements. This phase is realized with the client, so this will get what he wants for the future software application. Following this analysis, will result specifications document that will reflect exactly the structure and its functionality.
  • Development. Keep in touch with the customer, even when software is in development.
    The feedback received from them in various stages of the development, will lead to achieving a high quality software.
  • Testing. The software will not be delivered until we make sure, after the intensive testing process, is performing very well all the functionalities for which it was designed.
  • Mentenance. We stay close to our customers, even after finalization of the software, providing them the necessary support in order that this software to function on its full potential.

AxaSoft Consulting provides software solutions for various fields of applicability, tailored to customer's needs and is based on latest technologies like PHP, .NET, Java, etc.

  • Web Software Applications: web pages, e-commerce, portals, personalized web applications, etc.)
  • Desktop Software Applications
  • Client-Server Software Applications

Given the existing hardware and software infrastructure, adapted to the budget and technical conditions, our solutions are tailored to the customer needs, trying each time to find the optimal technical solution.

Our experience in software development in a large range of industries, make that the necessary time to elaborate functional specifications and implementation of projects, to be significantly reduced.

If you have a project that you think and believe that AxaSoft Consulting can be helpful, please contact us. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the services that we offer.

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