For us each project is very important, regardless of its magnitude. The crisis has taught us that instead of having only two very big customers that brings you, financially, very important projects but which needs a lot of money, it's better to have many small customers but that brings you projects easier to sustain financially even and in times of crisis. It is very clear that any financial problem encountered by a large customer that can not support the project with you, is reflected immediately in the turnover of your company. Imagine that one of the two clients can not support the project with you. From the beginning, the turnover is reduced by half. What happens if both customers have problems? We do not want to think about this situation.
If you have a project, please contact us, no matter how small and insignificant is. We commit to treat it with the same attention as any other project.

Strategic projects

  • ShopIQ - e-commerce solution
    Solutia se adreseaza celor care vor sa inceapa sau sa-si extinda afacerea cu vanzari online.
    The solution is for those who want to start or expand business with online sales. The main business line of AxaSoft Consulting is based on this software platform. We work constantly to improve it by extending the current modules or by developing new modules, always taking into account the requirements coming from our customers, thus we constantly adapt the solution to the market requirements.
  • ShopIQ - Marketing Online
    This application is addressing to those who want to use an online marketing system in order to keep clients closer. This can be done sending newsletters in which you can promote your products or services, you can announce events or you can send news that may have some degree of interest.
  • ShopIQ - Photo Album
    A great contribution in promoting a site in Goole (the most popular search engine) is the presence of the pictures. The application proposed by us is an electronic photo album, which offers the possibility to vote pictures and add comments.

Projects completed or in progress

  • Virtual store store is a virtual store created with ShopIQ e-commerce solution.
    Package choosen for implementation: ShopIQ Profi.

    Objective: upgrading the old store by creating a new one with a design that reflects the real image of the Himalaya brand and which provides features designed for easyest maintenance of the products catalog.

  • Virtual store store is a virtual store created with ShopIQ e-commerce solution.
    Package choosen for implementation: ShopIQ Custom.

    Objective: create an online store with products for children up to three years, with the highest quality products and with a specific design for this kind of business.

  • Photo album is an photo album, an archive of studies cases and photographic skills, based on photo album solution ShopIQ - Photo Album.

    Objective: create a presentation site of the photo activity by presenting a photo gallery made by the author and by publishing articles in a blog integrated into the site.

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Mr. Thomas Edison

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