• ShopIQ - e-commerce solution

    ShopIQ is an e-commerce platform, developed by us, that can connect a company with its ultimate consumers through an online shop. The solution includes functionalities for online administration and presentation of the catalogue with products or services from the portfolio and includes facilities for online creation and fast processing of sales orders.

    Knowing the online sales business model and understanding the customer needs, helped us in creating of a software application whose purpose is to increase sales and implicitely the profit, by increasing the efficiency in sales departments and marketing. ShopIQ is an e-commerce solution that has been developed accordingly with the needs collected from the online sales market. ShopIQ is a vary good choice if you want to start or to enlarge your business on the web.

  • ShopIQ - Marketing Online

    ShopIQ - Marketing Online is a marketing application that was initially created as a module of ShopIQ ecommerce platform, but later it has been separated in an independent application. The application has born due to multiple requests that has came from clients who wanted to integrate a professional newsletter system in their sites.

    The application includes features for creating and sending newsletters. It offers functionalities for sending newsletter to a large number of subscribers, the system being able to send the newsletter in blocks of simultaneous emails, each of them containing a small number (configurable) of subscribers, so the server will never be blocked.

  • ShopIQ - Photo Album

    Fight for traffic today is fierce. Experience has taught us that each traffic source is important and deserves to be used. A significant percentage of traffic from a website is generated from searching of pictures in search engines.

    Suppose we have an online business that promotes boarding houses. We can attract relevant traffic, creating a photo gallery that contains images of sights. The tourist is documenting early about his trip. He search for sights located in the area where is interested to spend the vacantion. Once the tourists are in gallery, they can be redirected to the main site, where will be presented all the boarding houses located in the neighbourhood of the identified objectives.

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