About Us

About Us

Give me a fulcrum, and I shall move the world! (Arhimede)

AxaSoft Consulting is a young and dynamic company but with a large experience, specializing in the development and implementation of turnkey software applications or on request.

AxaSoft Consulting has started independently in 2011 by transforming a business line of AtypIQ Software company, which deals with developing e-commerce applications (virtual stores, product catalogs) based on ShopIQ platform. Now we operate as a separate company specialised on web application development (outsourcing or on request).


Our mission is to help to increase and strengthen our clients so that they could face with competition from the market. The relationships based on trust and respect that we have cultivated with our clients and the quality-price report that we offer, recommend us as a reliable partner in which you can rely every time when you needed.


Business directions:

  • development of web e-commerce applications (virtual stores), presentation sites or any other web application
  • offering complete services for customers: consulting, maintenance, pre and post sale technical support, project management, training
  • software application development (outsourcing or on request) in any field of activities: Banking, Production & Trade, Services & Media, Telecommunications, Utilities & Transportation, Administration


  • correct understanding of each new customer's requirements and making offers adapted to their needs, and strengthening the relationships with existing clients
  • expanding, improving and completing of the services and identifying new market opportunities
  • organization of the marketing activities, in the sense to allows the continuos adapting to the market dynamics.

The team

The AxaSoft Consulting team is formed by specialists with experience in working with the latest web technologies. Our clients receive quality services, specialized support and technical assistance in projects that we develop together.
We pay special attention for motivation and training of employees through training programs and acquiring new skills, such as those that are puting us up to date with the latest technology.


  • Trust

    People on which you can rely on are those who takes the lead who are facing with the unexpected and which, based on their beliefs, supports the others efforts. They are able to do innovative and creative actions, know to seize by the offered opportunities, takes quick decisions and mobilizes the best resources for carrying out the actions of the moment.

  • Teamwork

    The teamwork means personal involvement and collaboration in an environment where more people works to achieve a common goal.

  • Responsability

    To be responsible means to take the responsibility for the work performed, regardless the type of work.
    To be responsible means to take responsibility for your decisions and their consequences.

  • Correctness

    To do the right thing means to be fair, to be honest, to be ethical, and to give evidence of personal and professional integrity. This means consistently treating all persons correctly, to deliver what you promised and the assuming of responsibility for your actions.

  • Quality

    The quality is the determinant factor of the customer satisfaction, so we always try to deliver quality products and services, consistent with their expectations.
    The today business environment, in which competitiveness is increasingly fierce, the quality is translated by an added value for our customers and their clients indirectly. This is actually the result of the competitiveness.

The three things that are most essential to achievement are common sense, hard work and stick-to-it-iv-ness.
Mr. Thomas Edison

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